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Article about Voronezh festival on www.fide.com

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FIDE placed info about our festival

Thanks to Pavel Sirotin for FIDE admin E-mail :-)



You are welcome! :)



But why fide translators change in original text :
"Rather well really, but these figures could be much more impressive unless the simultaneous Russian High League Championships in Taganrog (June 14-27)" for
"The games of these chess players could be much more impressive than those ones of the Russian High League Championships in Taganrog (June 14-27)"
No comments.
Anyway, viva Dmitry!



Oops... I didn't notice it at first glance. Disappointed to see that and angry :mad:  It is very strange for a specialized chess site. There are also some minor changes, maybe not so stupid, but some of them senseless. Here is the original text:

XV Voronezh International Chess festival took place (as usually) June 10-21. Like all previous Voronezh annual festivals, it was organized by GM Alexander Raetsky and his team. The main festival tournament (Master Open, June 12-21) gathered 84 participants from 7 countries (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, India, USA, Vietnam), 15 GM, 18 IM, 3WGM, 1WIM among them. Rather well really, but these figures could be much more impressive unless the simultaneous Russian High League Championships in Taganrog (June 14-27).

This year a lot of talented juniors participated in Voronezh festival: IM Vaibhav Suri (IND), the first number of FIDE U-14 rank list; Michael Antipov and Grigory Oparin from Moscow Dvorkovich Chess Parlour, both need only 2400 rating for IM title, coached by Sergey Dolmatov; Russia U-12 this year champion Semen Khanin; well-known twin sisters WIM Marina Baraeva and WFM Irina Baraeva and several others.

GM Zaven Andriasian (ARM) had the highest rating (2640) among all participants. His multi-board play against Voronezh juniors (June 9) was the first event of the festival.  Some juniors shown the praiseworthy resistance, but at last Zaven won all the games.

GM Igor Lysyj (RUS) won the rapid chess tournament (June 10-11) with 7.5 points of 9 on his way to Taganrog. GM Aleksej Aleksandrov (BLR), GM Artur Gabrielian (RUS) and Zaven Andriasian shared the second place with 7 points each.

Four Russian GMs shared the first place in blitz tournament (June 17). They were ranked by Buchholz in the following order: 1. Aleksandr Rakhmanov, 2. Evgeny Shaposhnikov, 3. Semen Dvoirys, 4. Mikhail Panarin.

111 chessplayers with FIDE rating less than 2300 participated in FIDE Open tournament (June 12-20). Participant represented about 25 different regions of Russia (and all 8 federal districts), nearly half of them were from Voronezh and Voronezh region. There were two foreign players (from Afganistan and Korea), a lot of juniors, seniors and women.

GM Dmitry Kokarev (RUS) took the first prize in the Master Open tournament by sole lead (7 points in 9 games) after winning the last round game against GM Gevorg Harutjutyan (ARM). Dmitry managed to win two Russia Cup tournaments in a row, earlier in June he won the Tomsk Open (Petr Izmailov Memorial). Seven players finished with 6.5 points each, there are four former Voronezh Master Open winners among them. 2. GM Aleksander Rakhmanov (RUS) - 2009,2010 winner; 3. GM Evgeny Shaposhnikov (RUS) - 2004 winner; 4. GM Andrey Deviatkin (RUS); 5. GM Aleksej Aleksandrov (BLR) - 2008 winner; 6. GM Semen Dvoirys (RUS); 7. IM Alexsey Peskov (UKR) - now living in Kantemirovka, Voronezh region; 8. GM Gennady Tunik (RUS) - 1997 winner. IM Lilit Galoyan (ARM) won the first women prize, IM Vaibhav Suri (IND) won the first junior prize (5.5 points each).

The festival was supported by Voronezh region government. Governor Alexey Gordeev visited the festival, he met with organizers and young champions and declared the intention to support and develop chess in Voronezh region further on.