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Master Open tournament

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Master Open (the main festival tournament) is 9-round swiss.

There are 104 participants including 31 GM from 8 countries (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Germany, Hungary, Armenia, Georgia, Vietnam) in it.
Participation of 20 foreign players allow players to achieve international title norms.

GM Evgeny Romanov (RUS) and GM Vladimir Fedoseev (RUS) are the leaders after 5 rounds with 4.5 points.
There are 8 players with 4 points each.



Tournament table




Round 6 photos

Round 8 photos

Awarding photos



Voronezh Chess Festival 2012 finished June 21!

There was a tie-break in the main festival tournament (Master Open) - 5 players finished with 7 points of 9 each.
GM Artur Gabrielian (RUS, Georgievsk, Elo 2573) managed to win his first Master Open Cup after playing in Voronezh for 9 times.
GM Sergey Grigoriants (RUS, Noscow, 2557) was the second, IM Andrey Baryshpolets (UKR, Kyiv, 2487) was the third with GM norm achieved.
GM Vladimir Onischuk (UKR, Kharkiv, 2516) and GM Yakov Geller (RUS, Togliatti, 2538) were the next.
5 players achieved IM norm and one player (Maria Nevioselaya, BLR) achieved WIM norm.

We invite all participants to visit Voronezh the next year, as usually, in the middle of June (10-21)!



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